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It's all in the details...

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Today is the day. We finalized everything that solidifies us as a licensed General Contractor in the state of Washington. To take this step after twenty-five entrenched years working for larger entities in Seattle and the surrounding area, feels huge.

Collin earned his stripes. After passing out at the sign of blood, he chose not to head in the path of a PT and instead picked up a hammer in Port Townsend and hasn't metaphorically put it down. He got an education at Central Washington in the Construction Management department, getting a job straight out of the gate. He worked for ..., Atticus, Schultz Miller, Dovetail- Several of the finest craft builders in the region. Leaving Dovetail after five years to pursue his dream was difficult but supported by the principals and applauded by his coworkers.

As his wife who's been pushing for this since discovering what he was capable of creating, I'll be on the front lines to promote, document, communicate, and support. I've had a photography business for seventeen years and know a little bit about a small portion of what's ahead of us. I will be learning a new language.

Every day since Collin installed our live edge shelves in the bathroom, I walk into the space regularly, if for no other reason than to simply to appreciate the beauty of what he created. He worked with a Bremerton metal artist, Matt Tilton, to create the metal details securing the shelves to the wall- Collin's become a bit of an apprentice in the art of welding. Collin masterminded this vision and brought it, beautifully, to life. My dearest hope is that all of our clients have a similar experience after Collin's done crafting their spaces, exquisitely making their homes more of their own.

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